Featured Artist: Anna Ruuska

Artist Statement

I have never thought of myself as an artist. But if being an artist is wanting others to see whatever you see that is beautiful, surprising or thought-provoking, then I’m willing to concede that I just might be one. I’m particularly drawn to nature’s macro world. The camera allows me to share the delightful secrets found within this realm.

With a quarter century of working with computers and electronic information, it is not surprising that I did not begin taking pictures until digital photography came into its own. I love the spontaneity that the digital medium provides. It affords me the best opportunity to capture what I am trying to convey.

For me, photography is not about portraying reality and in fact, the images rarely reflect what my eyes perceived. I think a camera transforms the object or scene and I am always eager to be surprised by the outcome.

Anna Ruuska

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